Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ps and Lr

My attempt to do and HDR. But idk what this one called. it's not even closed to an HDR hah.

The NY Times Square pic is the one I'm really targeting to learn how to make one.
but I just installed the Lightroom, and so will take less using the Photoshop.

and here's my raw, and after Lr.


I have been inside the house yesterday. 1/30/10 for whole or more then 24 hours. and went out for 24 or 26 more hours too right after. We supposed to have a make up class so well get to finish all our remaining lecture for the whole sem! yes. WHOLE DAMN SEM. dayumm. I can really feel graduating now hah.

So I went out to mitch's house, brought the ps3. Maybe Im a sell it to him, for gas money when I get back to US by April. Hah. They have a good ass house in Angono. Than asked him to teach me some with the Lightroom for photoshop. It's really easy, I just need the program itself so I can get to start using it. He has a pet Lab too just like mine, his name is Mojo, bigger then my Rooney.

Mark Lester came by too, for our resume homework. So 5pm is supposed to be our class time, but our prof canceled it and we ended up playing ps3 and drinking. UFC is sick, Madden10 as always, Naruto Storm is cool. hah almost all the demos that has 2players on it.

After finishing the whole bottle, we went out to 'Station 7'. That's the bar they always hang out. He said he do gigs/singing on that place sometime too. I just drank a couple of beers. Business deal is brought up. Heh. Fuck, these guys talks in english when they're drunk. hah. Mofos.

After 2 bottles, we were about to go home, but mitch decided to look for lester. He thought he might not be home yet and will be hopping to another drinking place. (inuman) hah. But were the one who found one and drank more then we can for that night.

We went back to his place at 1am I believe. No more minutes on my phone. I set the alarm up at around 3am. Thinking I can still get to attend the 4am mass. But when I woke up. Major Hangover, 7.02am, not in my house. Checked my phone, it's dead. Now I have to worry about my Sunday class. His mom made me a coffee. First thing I need really with a major headassache.
Showered, good thing I brought an extra shirt as always. For cases like that.

Off to another school at 7.17am. I ate a rice porridge with boiled egg. Hella good. hah. Went to the school, Prof's already there, and he get to notice im a bit off. Which is true, I was about to fall asleep, this prof's talking about his life experiences with everything. Ok I found it alright for it's only 8am. My classmates are way older then me. Like 10years older or more. We are composed of only 5 people in the class. Hopefully well get more by next week. Idc.

He was talking for the whole one hour and twenty mins before he get to discuss. Shit. If he will not change by next week. Than Ima report him that he's not really teaching us. hah. After the class, I went back to Angono. We have a practice for our seminar. First time I attended due to the schedule complications. Home sweet home at around 3.44pm. What a day.

Now Im tired as fuck. good night yall'.

Friday, January 29, 2010


hah. everybody wants to be famous. or the least.. to be successful...

I just saw the movie "Fame" the remake I believe... I thought it was a typical, comedy movie.. of course, drama as expected... But other then that... There are some parts that has a good laugh, most of all are just sending some chills to your spine when they perform. I love most of these kinds of movies.

It shows a story behind every teenagers lives in the movie. Every kidteen has the a common dream.. To be successful... To be famous...But they have to earn for it.

Damn.. the storyline is really good. Every teenager (well at least I used to be) can adopt to whatever story they have in their home. In their life. With these teens, they looked for it as a challenge. To look what is missing with the part of whom they are. What they want, and how they are going to go for it. Ups and downs are just a phase in order to move on. Just like with life. Problem is made for you in order to face different kinds of problems you are going to face in the future. Getting yourself ready is the point.

Other then that. You have to really know yourself. Fun, people, love, and to everything that matters to you... Especially Life itself.

I wish I could do at least one like singing or of what they did on the movie. So I'll be happy.. hah.

4.25 stars out of 5.
Storyline is great.
Anyone can relate. For sure.
I just don't like the lighting-s. Most of it are dark. I'm not watching a horror. blah.
Everything else is great.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tattoo Frustrations

Now I saw one that I like to have as a tattoo. but still.. hah. will consider it one of the choices as I look for more.

An Alibata (One of the first Writings in the Philippines) tattoo at least. To represent where I came from. what do you think guys? <~translating it to my name

just google Alibata for more info hah. im bn lazy right now to do that. for sure ill update this post. I just got excited tho. mixed emotions right now.